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Tiny Blessings ( KIDS Collection)

“For those little ones”

The Collection

Your tiny tots deserve the world.

Make them feel special with our “Tiny Blessings” collection. From those yesteryears of crawling to walking around in schools, we make them look and feel at their best.

Explore our collection and surprise them with your love and our craft!!

For your little boy or girl.

Magical Charm bracelets

The modern bracelets with a retro twist of designs. These bracelets have little cartoons or colourful graphics to delight your kids. Sleek, lightweight and fancy, these bracelets can be worn by kids every day or on special occasions.

Kids earrings

A wide range of fun and playful earrings for your kids. With a sense of comfort and their light weight, these can be worn at all times.
Kids can pick their favourite from simple diamond studs to hello kitty and a cute teddy for their tender hands from our ‘Tiny blessings’ collection.


Traditionally, the older parents and elders would tie black thread or nazariya around the baby’s wrist or feet to ensure that the evil eye or ‘nazar’ stays away from the newborn child. This little piece of jewel remains an integral part of a child’s early years.

With the changing era, this traditional accessory has been designed to accentuate the overall look of the child.

It’s not just a trend but a tradition!!!

The babies in the royal household have long been adorned with extravagant gold and silver jewels and other precious items like bracelets, hair pins, napkin pins etc. The bracelets had a flattened area where the word ‘Baby’ was engraved. The gold bracelets and brooches were also made up of semi-precious stones and jewels.

JD Solitaire offers best-in-class, trendy and pleasant gold and diamond nazariya for tiny tots that can be worn daily.

Check out the purest, authentic and trendiest kid’s collection- ‘Tiny blessings’ only at JD Solitaire today!

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