Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD plant) Comprehensive solutions on zero liquid discharge systems

  • – upto 98% Sustainable Water Recovery From Waste Water
  • – upto 33% Lesser Capital Investment
  • – upto 38% Lesser Operating Cost
  • – upto 37% Lesser Space Requirement

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About Apex Ecotech.:

  • Over 13 years of experience in providing end to end solutions in Zero liquid Discharge ( ZLD plant).
  • Sales Service offices in Pune Delhi, India and resident engineers in different parts of the country.
  • Executed 300+ projects in water treatment, wastewater treatment , wastewater recycle ZLD projects in India abroad.
  • Around 100 experienced team members working for a common goal “ Excellence in new Zero liquid Discharge System technologies delivering sustainable ZLD solution.”

6.5 + Million Litres

Per day Water recovery by our innovative ZLD Plants.


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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) process Basic Concept


Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Treatment Process Stages

Preliminary Treatment:

– Effluent screening process.

– Oil removal process.

– Effluent mixing process.

– pH correction process.

Primary Treatment:

– Electrochemical Coagulation & Flocculation process.

– Primary sludge settling, treatment process.

– TSS, color & associated BOD/COD removal process.

– Hardness & heavy metals removal process.

Secondary Treatment:

– Biological treatment process.

– Secondary sludge settling process.

– Sludge treatment Process.

– BOD & COD removal process.

Tertiary Treatment:

– Depth filtration / Polishing process.

– Polishing of TSS, SDI, Color, Turbidity, Virus etc.

Recycle Treatment:

– Salts / Total dissolved solids / TDS removal process.

– Salts / Total dissolved solids / TDS final polishing process.

Salt Crystallization:

– Salts / Total dissolved solids / TDS concentration Process.

– Salt crystallization process.

03 Secret Ways

To achieve sustainable ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) at 38% lesser running cost.

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Our ZLD Plant Selection Process

  • Understand the need of the Zero Liquid Discharge plant.
  • Analyze the water balance of an industry.
  • Analyze the wastewater streams .
  • Explore the Utility requirement of ZLD.
  • Check the Area required for the ZLD.
  • Estimate the Operating expense of ZLD .
  • Estimate the Capital investment of ZLD.
  • Select the energy efficient technology of ZLD.

05 Important Things

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We hate spam as much as you do.100% privacy guaranteed..

Choose the best ZLD technology

The wastewater quantity and quality varies from industry to industry and so do the Zero Liquid Discharge ( ZLD) technology requirement differs. Apex Ecotech offers Zero Liquid Discharge ( ZLD) in various treatment & technology options.

1. ZLD without RO system

2. ZLD without Evaporator system

3. ZLD along with EDR system

4. ZLD based on MEE ATFD technology

5. ZLD based on MEE Centrifuge technology

6. ZLD without boiler

7. ZLD on MVR technology

8. Two stage MVR technology based ZLD

9. ZLD on Low Temperature Evaporation (LTE)

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