Control Temperature and Avoid Dust at your Factories / Shops / Offices and Homes

MOST ECONOMICAL way to create a Temporary See through Barrier

Top 5 Questions People have in Mind !

  • Q Are Strip Curtains Effective ?
  • Q What is the Right way to do Costing ?
  • Q What is the effect of temperature on strip curtain ?
  • Q Won’t strip curtain become an obstruction while Loading / unloading ?
  • Q What is the Life of a Strip Curtain ?

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Benefits from Mitzvah Strip Curtains

  • Wide Variety
  • Temperature Control
  • Energy Cost Saving
  • Reduce Noise, Dust
  • Barrier for Pigeons
  • Increased Productivity
  • Creates Departmental Areas
  • Enables Free Movement

Strip Curtains should be used in

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Difference B/w Hot Vs Cold Fogger

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Parameters Required to Order Material in form of

SKD (Semi Knocked Down) Door Kits
Precut & Punched Door Strips
PVC Rolls
Door Width & Height
50 Meter
Powder Coated | SS 304
2 ~ 5 mm
Fixed | Sliding
Ribbed / Plain
Width 8” ~ 12”
Fixed / Sliding
Normal | Polar

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How to operate ULV Cold Foggers

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4 Places where people play with prices

Width of Material
(A reduction of 10 mm in width will impact the cost by 5%)

Thickness of Material
(A reduction of 0.3mm which is not even noticeable reduces the Raw Material cost by 15%)

Composition and Material of Plasticizer
(Using Paraffin instead of DOP will impact the cost by 30%)

Hardware Grade
(Using SS202 in place of SS304, impact of 7% on Prices)

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2 Mistake People do Installing Strip Curtains

How Does a Strip Curtain Works?

You can buy plastic strip curtains for home or can use it in workplaces and factories. They are easy to manage and use and are more effective as compared to the fabric curtains. You just need to install it on the ceiling of the door by using a hook or a metal strip. It can help to divide places without creating a permanent wall and can help the workers get some space. Mount them at the metal brackets and make the place look effective. They are available in different color shades that help to maintain the coolness of the place.

Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains

There are several advantages of plastic strip curtains, some of them are listed below.

  • They make a partition and give a clear vision that helps to see through the area.
  • They are more adequate to use as compared to the curtains made from fabrics.
  • The curtains are washable and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes as well.
  • They are helpful to maintain privacy among the co-workers and employees.
  • At warehouses and storage areas they can be used to divide the section for food.
  • In hotels it is installed to separate the sitting area and the kitchen.
  • Pharma industries and dairy units also make use of PVC strip curtains to manage the medical units.

Distributors of PVC Strip Curtains

You can buy PVC strip curtains online in India at a low and cheap price. We are the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of the plastic curtains and deliver them not only in India but worldwide. You can buy the roll and cut it as per the door length for installing it at the places. They are easy to install and you can buy it in just a few clicks from our online store

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